We believe independence shouldn’t come at a steeper cost.

Independent workers know that freedom and flexibility come with a catch: the more you forge your own path, the more you’re left to manage complexities on your own — making it harder to enjoy the life you’re building for yourself. But we believe independent work should mean more independence, not more work.

So, in a world built for W2s, we’re here for the 1099s.

We built Stride because we admire independent workers — their drive, resiliency, creativity, and their quest for freedom and flexibility. But we know it’s not always easy.

That’s why everything we do is thoughtfully designed to meet the unique opportunities and obstacles you face as you chart a one-of-a-kind path forward.

Because you deserve your shot at the dream.

Independence means something different for every person. For you, it may be building your own brand, seeing the world, turning your side hustle into your main gig, or knowing that you’ll always be there for after-school pick-ups.

Whatever your dream, Stride helps you find the clarity and confidence you need to pursue it on your own terms.

Make the most of your 
independence with Stride.

Stride is here to support you as you set yourself up for today — and plan for the future you’ve always envisioned. 

The Stride team says Hi.

You’ve got a whole crew of people dedicated to seeing you succeed.

Noah Lang

Chief Executive Officer

Raised in a family of independent workers, Noah saw first-hand what it takes to chart your own path. When he eventually went independent too, he was frustrated by the lack of structure and guidance he found. He built Stride to be the support system he wanted for himself and other independent workers of all kinds.

Meg Sloan

Chief Marketing Officer

Kevin Harold

Chief Operating Officer

Louis Asber

Chief Product & Technology Officer

Bryan Giaimo

General Manager 
Platform Solutions

Sarah Chasson

General Counsel

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